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If you have been considering giving an unwanted vehicle to one of the many available donation programs this site will point you in the right direction. Use the menu on the left to get more information about making a car donation or pick to the charity you are interested in making a donation to. It is also possible to give donations of other types of vehicles such as trucks, boats, or airplanes. This is a great way to help out people that are in need, and has tax deduction benefits as well!

Car Donation Tax Deduction

It used to be that you could deduct the fair market value of your charitable car donation from your taxable income. The "market value" however is not the blue book value, it is usually lower. Unfortunately some bad seeds ruined it for the rest of us and the tax laws were modified. Now you can only deduct the amount of money that the charity sells your automobile for, which is considerably less. This is very important to know because it is a deal-breaker for many potential donors. You can still deduct the full value of the car if it ends up being used or given to someone in need rather than sold. This is an incentive for people with nicer vehicles to give. Overall however it seems that trying to sell the car yourself will almost always end up making you more money than you save in taxes. This process has been made much easier by sites like eBay Motors. This is a much better option than getting ripped off by a dealership using it for a trade-in on a new vehicle. Of course if making money is not your goal and you just feel like being generous, by all means, use the menu on the left to find a good home for your old unwanted car, boat, RV, etc! You might find that in order to maximize your donation, it works better if you sell it yourself and donate the cash. Of course doing so takes a lot of extra effort which many people don't have time for. Whether you're in California, New York, or anywhere in between there is sure to be a program nearby eager to be helped out by your generosity!

Car Charity Scams

Unfortunately there are some scumbags out there who will be more than happy to take your donation off your hands and there's a good chance that it will never end up helping those in need. Be sure to thoroughly research any charity you are considering donating to. A simple Google search should be able to give you more than enough confidence to know your vehicle will end up where it is needed.
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