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There are a lot of "donate your cars" sites out there. Many of them contain so much noise it is hard to really figure out what is going on. Other car donation portals, including some of the popular ones, are very ugly and make you want to click the back button immediately. These problems and more are what inspired us to create Donate Your Car To Charity .org... Sure the domain name is long, but it is very easy to remember. Our site was designed with 2 things in mind. The first is clarity. If there's too much information and noise being thrown at you it isn't ver pleasant. The second is simplicity. We enable you to get what you want and go on with your busy life. This is why we chose not to spend a bunch of money on a fancy artist and site designer and instead chose to present this information in the simplest way possible.

We know there is a lot of information available on the subject of car donation, and we understand that it is impossible for one site to answer every question you could possibly have. For this reason we are building a resource directory in which you will find other car charity information sites which may provide additional the help and info you seek.

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