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Fix Our Ferals
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Fix Our Ferals (FOF) is a community-based, non-profit organization that promotes trap-neuter and return (T-N-R) to humanely reduce outdoor cat populations in the San Francisco East Bay. Founded in 1998, FOF clinics have fixed over 11,000 cats, making a better life for the outdoor cats in our neighborhoods and the people that live with them.
Our mission is to help both people and cats in the San Francisco East Bay by:
  • Providing free sterilizations, vaccinations and other tools to help people implement T-N-R in their neighborhoods
  • Educating community members, leaders, and decision-makers about T-N-R as the only humane and effective long-term solution to neighborhood cat issues
  • Ending the unnecessary killing of cats in shelters by advocating T-N-R as the superior method of population control

Over our 10-year history, FOF has opened the minds and hearts of East Bay residents to the plight of feral cats, while providing the means to ease their suffering. At our free high-volume spay-neuter clinics, staffed entirely by volunteers, we sterilize up to 210 cats in one day. These clinics unite caretakers, rescue workers, vet students, and licensed veterinarians in a common goal. The hundreds of healthy, non-breeding colonies that have resulted are a testament to the success of Fix Our Ferals and of T-N-R.

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