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Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation
Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation [visit web site]

Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation , a non-profit organization sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, responds to the needs of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing them with food, housing, shelter, education and support services in an atmosphere that respects each person. Mercy Housing and Shelter advocates on behalf of individuals while challenging injustice in social systems.

We provide a continuum of care for homeless individuals and families to help them make the transition from loneliness and isolation to becoming self-supporting, contributing members of the community. Services are available for persons with various disabilities including psychiatric and/or substance abuse problems, other special needs, and for offenders and defendants in the criminal justice system. We serve English-speaking and non-English speaking populations.

Five unique service areas address different aspects of the homelessness issue. All attempt to promote healthy values, and a reverence for life through the spirit of justice, compassion and service to others.

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