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America's Baby Cancer Foundation
America's Baby Cancer Foundation [visit web site]
The mission of America's Baby Cancer Foundation (ABCF) is to raise awareness of baby cancer, to provide aid and education for families with children with cancer, and to help fund research for a cure. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children. We focus on birth to early childhood with diagnoses of rare cancers. We call these "baby cancers" - they are evident at birth or diagnosed shortly thereafter - to increase the public's attention and awareness.

Car Donations are fast and easy in 2005 with a charity vehicle donation program. Donate cars, trucks, vans, boats, planes, even lots and real estate. Your auto donation is as easy as a phone call or a simple online form. Call or click: 800-269-6814 or Donate Online.

How do car donations work? When you pledge your automobile donation, the Vehicle Donation Processing Center takes the donor information over the telephone, and handles all of the documents, vehicle donation pick up, charity auction sale and distribution of the proceeds to the charity. We guarantee payment of all expenses with your car donations. Donate a car to free yourself from the hassles of selling and give something to your community at the same time.

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