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Epilepsy Ontario
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The objective of Epilepsy Ontario can be summarized into one statement: to provide support, education and information for chapters to serve those with epilepsy, their families, friends, associates, employers, and the communities at large. The importance of these functions at the provincial and chapter level are not necessarily in that order. Education is seen by many to be the most important function while others believe that support through self-help groups and public information is more important. In any event the Provincial office provides counseling services, library facilities, medical and psycho-social resources, advocacy, educational material and public information pamphlets. It has long been recognized as a valuable service to have someone talk with a newly diagnosed patient or parent of a child that has been newly diagnosed. We believe that Epilepsy and Epilepsy chapters will gain more and more support from the general public enabling them to provide more support for the children, parents, adults, relatives, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc, who are concerned with epilepsy. Epilepsy Ontario Mission Statement to improve the quality of life for all those affected by Epilepsy.

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