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Friends of Children with Special Needs
Friends of Children with Special Needs [visit web site]
Friends of Children with Special Needs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support, friendship, and life skills training to developmentally disabled individuals and their families. FCSN started out in 1996 with 10 families, and has now membership of 800 mostly Asian American families, serving over 600 individuals with autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities. In response to the needs of the growing special needs population, FCSN opened its Headquarter in Fremont in September 2006 and a Center in West San Jose/Cupertino in April 2008. We have over 35 programs in the Bay Area serving children and adults with special needs.

FCSN has established a vehicle donation program with an outside corporation to accept charity car, boat or RV. For tax purposes, the car donor can claim tax deduction from either the sale price of the donated vehicle or $500, whichever is larger, in their income tax return. For example, in the 28% tax bracket, a sale price of $4800 will give you a tax credit of $1344. Therefore, your donation is equivalent to selling your car at a value of $1344 and at the same time, FCSN will benefit from your donation. Amount of tax deduction will differ for each donor. Please check with you tax advisor to see how this tax deduction can benefit you.

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