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Lekotek of Georgia
Lekotek of Georgia [visit web site]
Children with disabilities struggle to interact with family members and participate in school and community activities. That's why we're here. Lekotek facilitates successful inclusion in all aspects of life.

The word "Lekotek" comes from the Swedish work "lek," meaning play, and the Greek suffix "tek" meaning library. Loosely translated, Lekotek means play library, but to the hundreds of families we help, it is much more. Using adapted toys and computer equipment, Lekotek provides opportunities for children to have fun and learn along the way. It is a safe haven from medical appointments and therapies. It is a place where there are no expectations to perform, a place where parents find resources and support.

Car, Truck, Boat, and RV Donations
If you have an old car, truck, boat, or RV that you'd like to unload, let do the work. You receive a charitable tax deduction and Lekotek benefits in the form of cash from the sale.

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