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Marin Organic
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Marin Organic is a bold new concept for preserving farmland and farming as a way of life in our region, focused on environmental soundness and economic profitability. It was developed by an association of farmers, ranchers, agriculture advisors and marketing experts to serve Marin County's producers and consumers.Marin Organic is a cooperative association of Marin County organic producers whose livelihood is based on a respect for nature and a sense of place. We understand the importance - ecological, social, and economic - of bringing the field closer to the table. Therefore, we are dedicated to continually improving our farming practices, promoting the ethical, creative, and patient enterprise of sustainable agriculture, and encouraging a preference for locally produced food.

Donate your vehicle today to turn your unwanted or unused car, trailer, truck, boat, airplane, or motorcycle into a cash donation for Marin Organic and a tax-deduction for you! Your vehicle does not even have to be in running or working condition!

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