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Matthew House
Matthew House [visit web site]
Matthew House is an organization dedicated to assisting the families of people incarcerated in Washington's prisons. When a man is convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison, society often breathes a sigh of relief and says "good riddance." Left behind, though, are the wives and children. They are left to face increased responsibilities on reduced incomes. They are often abandoned by family for being married to a prisoner. Children are relentlessly teased at school for having a dad/mom in prison. These are the lonely, forgotten lives in the criminal justice system.

Donate your used vehicles running or not and get a tax deduction. Give them a call and please have your title with you. They take: cars, boats, trucks, RV's, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Vans, Jet-skis, Motor-homes, and even buses.

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