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Spandana Foundation
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Spandana Foundation was started with the main goal of creating the Vibrations of social service among NRIs and Motivate them to support and execute socially Responsible projects in their native places. In other words, Spandana Foundation is a platform to facilitate the socially responsible projects in your native place. Spandana's model is to define the processes and make you understand what and how to execute various projects for the benefit of the poor and needy. Spandana's goal is addressed by executing the projects under four different categories - Ashraya, Cheyutha, Pratibha, and Vidyalaya. Members can initiate any activity of their choice under each of the projects and execute at their native place. Projects are done by members, and not by Spandana.

Donate a car and make a lasting difference in lives of the disadvantaged children we assist. Spandana Foundation is pleased to announce that we are now accepting all vehicle donations.

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