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Texas Right to Life
Texas Right to Life [visit web site]
Texas Right to Life is the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas. We are non-sectarian and non-partisan, and we are the Texas affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee with representation on their board of directors. The members, directors, staff, and affiliated local chapters of Texas Right to Life seek to articulate and protect the Right to Life of defenseless human beings, born and unborn, through legal, peaceful, and prayerful means. This commitment is derived from a belief that each human being, from the moment of fertilization until natural death, has an immeasurable dignity and inalienable Right to Life.

Donate your old car, boat or RV. Thinking of selling your old car, boat, or RV? Why not donate it instead? All Donations to Texas Right To Life Educational Fund are tax-deductible.

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